Capacity Building

Capacity Building

The scope for evidence-based economic policy-making in Rwanda is constrained by limited capacity in policy analysis and research both at individual and institutional levels. Some of the gaps in terms of economic policy analysis and research observed at individual level include limited capacities in quantitative analysis, policy analysis and design, and monitoring and evaluation. At institutional level, there are gaps in policy formulation processes, data management, and monitoring and evaluation systems to support policy analysis and research.
Target : We need to enhance capacity building for local economists and make EPRN a recognized Training Institute/Centre in fields of micro and macroeconomics.
How we do this : EPRN continuously assesses the updated needs (gaps) in terms of capacity building in the area of economic policy research and analysis and offers relevant and reliable training sessions to help addressing the real world needs.
Specific objectives are going to be :

  • To provide trainings for professional growth and career development of Rwandan economists
  • To provide trainings as an opportunity for dialogue and professional discourse on the country’s’ growth and development potentials as well as constraints that could be used by the policy making and implementation process
  • To involve the business community as a state-of-the art center to enhance their capacity and make them succeed in today’s competitive and increasingly globalizing world
  • To involve the various stakeholders of EPRN as a center of excellence for demand driven and problem-solving training and development needs
  • To establish a standard of performance for the economic profession and related occupations.
  • To serves as a laboratory or as a practical training ground that fills the gap or mismatch between theory and practice
    Proceedings and Arrangement

Topic : In addition to pre-identified topics (see section 4), further topics are selected from needs of EPRN members. We have a long list of training needs identified in the Needs Assessment report developed in 2015 but it is not exhaustive. Members also propose relevant topics. After each training participants recommend what should be the training topics in future.

EPRN also gives training to institutions upon demand (Executive Courses) in this case, an institution decides on what should be the topic.

Annual Training Calendar : EPRN develops every year a training calendar and publishes it to inform the general public about the planned trainings along the year. However, the calendar is flexible to accommodate potential amendments according the evolution of the science and prevailing needs.

Facilitator/Trainer : EPRN develop the ToR and advertise it to recruit a competent trainer. Wherever possible, the first priority is given to registered members.

Training Fee : EPRN charges training fee to cover training costs. Members are given discount as part of their benefits from being EPRN member. Currently the fee is not able to cover all the expenses (the balance is covered by donors) but the plan is to continuously adjust fees to meet the expenses step by step.

Certificate : For every professional training, EPRN offers completion certificate after evaluation test.


Professional Training about Proposal Writing Skills (including...

18th -20th October 2019 (8AM – 5PM) ----Weekend program Trainer : Dr Rukundo Bosco Johnson

Professional training : "Project Management for Donor Funded...

Date : 08-10 June 2019 Trainer : Mr. AGABA BROAD

Call for application for a Professional Training : “Strategic...

Date : 03-05 May 2019 (8am – 5pm) at University of Rwanda Trainer : Dr NDEZE Pierre Damien (PhD in Human Resource Management)

Call for application for a Professional Training : “Introduction...

19-21 April 2019 (8am – 5pm) au UR/CBE Dr Olivier Habimana (Expert in SPSS)

Time series data analysis and forecasting using E-views...

02nd - 05th April 2019 (5am – 08:30pm) Venue : UR /CBE Gikondo (former SFB)

Call for application : Professional Training on “Planning,...

DATE : 08-10 February 2019 (8am – 5pm)----Week-end program Venue : University of Rwanda /CBE Gikondo (former SFB)

Call for application : Professional Training about Proposal...

4th-8th March Venue : UR /CBE Gikondo (former SFB)

Call for application for a Professional Training : “Consultancy...

18-22 February 2019 (5:30pm – 8:30pm)----Evening program Venue : University of Rwanda /CBE Gikondo (former SFB)

Call for application for a Professional Training Course : “Project...

DATE : 29-31 January 2019 (8am – 5pm) Venue : UR /CBE Gikondo (former SFB)