Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus
Dates : 29th-30th October and 5th-6th November 2022

1. Introduction
The Institute of Certified Chartered Economists –ICCE, is a professional body for economists providing the Chartered Economist designation globally. It is dedicated to equipping professionals in the economics and finance industries with the needed skill sets, expertise, and qualifications that help them to rise to the top of their chosen career. The Institute is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA.

The Economic Policy Research Network -EPRN is a member-based Research and Training Institution formally registered in 2018. EPRN is a Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Rwanda Governance Board (Registration No 403/RGB/NGO/LP/2018), whose principal place of business is at KK 737 St, Kigali Rwanda.

Based on the MoU signed between by the two institutions on June 09th 2022 ; EPRN is pleased to invite all interested trainees to attend the certified course on : project management for donor funded projects.

2. Objectives and Content
This course is very hands-on and interactive, thus providing a step by step approach to project design, implementation, monitoring and impacts evaluation. An analysis of all the different phases of the project/program cycle will be carried out to emphasis the methodology for preparing, implementing and evaluating projects and programs. Particular effort will be made to bring clarity to the terminology used by the donors’/development partners for the different stages for the project/program cycle, and the course will be more of practical.

3.The content of this course :

Programming, which is the first phase of the project/program cycle will involve an analysis of the process of setting broad national/regional/ sector policy objectives at the global/overall level.
Following on from programming, the various techniques used in the Identification of projects/programs from the prioritized list of overall objectives will be explored in the second phase of the project cycle i.e. Identification.

The third phase of the project cycle, Formulation will focus on designing and developing the concept of the project/program and testing its logic and feasibility i.e. technically, socially and environmentally.
In the fourth phase of Financing, the contractual obligations between the funding agency i.e. the Contracting Authority and the Implementing Agency/party will be examined.

The Implementation Phase will involve outlining the stages of implementation with emphasis on what needs to happen in the three important stages of (i) Inception (2) Operational and (3) Phase out. The Principles of Monitoring will be discussed as well as how to design a monitoring system.
The Evaluation Phase will analyze the 5 main Evaluation criteria used by the major Donor/Development Partners (Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and sustainability). The rationale as to why different Donors/Development partners use more or less than 6 phases in their project/program cycle will be explained.

3. Certificate
Successful trainees (minimum 60% pass mark) will get an ICCE International Certified Certificate. After-training test is mandatory.

4. Timeline
This training is for 60 hours (30 hrs. for theories and 30hrs. for practices). The theory part will be covered in four full days : 29th-30th October and 5th-6th November 2022. The Venue is University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus.

5. Training fee
To get training materials in advance, we encourage interested participants to process the payment as soon as they can and notify EPRN. Note that only trainees with proof of payment will be admitted to the course.

Training fee : 250,000 Rwf per individual (non-EPRN members) or 200,000 Rwf (for EPRN members). If you wish to be an EPRN member, kindly contact the provided contacts on section 7.
For Institutions with at least 5 participants, the training fees is 200 000 RWF per person

6. Payment Process
Applicants are kindly requested to pay the training fees through the following bank details :
Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network
MTN MOMO PAY (*182*8*1*030683#)
E-payment through PayPal on our website ( and notify us through

7. Contacts
For potential more details, kindly call 0788357648 or 0789943008 or write to us through : and copy to and

Kigali, 27/09/2022

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