CALL FOR APPLICATION for Professional Training on “Consultancy Management Skills”

Dates : 25th – 28th April 2022 (from 5h30pm to 8h30pm : evening program)
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus

1. Introduction

Today’s organizations are tasked with creating better products and services, creating them more quickly, and doing so with fewer resources. These new pressures make consulting skills a must-have for modern business. A consultative approach offers a practical route to faster organizational buy-in, improved client relationships and better customer service.

Like any other business, consultancy practices need to be managed and business performance depends on the quality of management. This intensive course focuses on the key competency areas that are needed to manage consultancy work effectively. This course is for both consultants, procurement officers, projects managers, and any other person who develop or manage consultancies. It is also valuable for those who want to progress to more senior roles in a consulting practice that involve managerial as well as consulting skills.

This training is very practical and interactive thus providing a step by step approach to develop consultancy proposals and/or to manage consultancies (services, works and supplies).

2. Course content

This course will cover the following sub-topics :

Self-development : making the most of your own potential
Development of others : enabling other consultants to deliver better performance
Managing consultancy business performance
Managing client relationships and achieving optimal positioning with the client
Developing and leveraging corporate intellectual property
Essential Consulting Skills (what client need)
Evaluate skills and identify development needs as a Consultant
Enhance your communication and influencing skills

3. Training methods

This training course will be run in a workshop style with a high degree of participants’ involvement. Adult learning methodologies will be employed, and participants will not be passive. Debate and open discussions will be encouraged. The trainer will use a mix of presentations to define and explain key concepts and practical exercises. Samples of case studies will be analyzed to learn from best practices in consultancy management.

4. Certificate

EPRN will issue completion certificates to participants who will successfully attend the course and pass the course test.
Note : At the end of the course, the trainer will deliver a test, and ONLY participants who will get at least 60% will get the certificates. Others will be advised to wait until another similar training opportunity which they will attend free of charge (this chance is provided only once).

5. Training fees, venue, date and COVID-19 requirements

Members : 60,000 Rwf
Non-members : 100,000 Rwf
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This training will be held at University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus (former SFB building) from 11th – 14th March 2022 (9am-4pm).

6. Payment process

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details :
Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network

Scan the bank slip and send it to : OR bring the hard copy of bank slip to EPRN office at University of Rwanda- Gikondo Campus (former SFB).
You can also pay through MTN MOMO PAY (*182*8*1*030683#) or through PayPal on our website ( and notify us through

NB : Tailor-Made Course
We can also do this as tailor-made course to meet organization-wide needs.

If you need further clarifications, call us through : 0788357648 or write to us :

Kigali, 29/03/2022

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