CALL FOR APPLICATION for a Professional Training on ‘SurveyCTO software’

DATES : 27th -30th December 2021 (5h30 PM – 8h30 PM) ---Evening Program @University of Rwanda-CBE Gikondo Campus ; and online through ZOOM
All participants must have a negative covid-19 test to be allowed into training room.

1. Introduction

Today’s policy makers, business owners and government leaders need correct, relevant and timely information to make the right decisions at the right time for the right people. It is then imperative that this data is collected with the utmost efficiency and accuracy so that those decisions will have the highest possible impact. SurveyCTO software is then the answer to those needs. SurveyCTO is the leading CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) software used by researchers, policy makers and other information-dependent people all over the world to solve their most challenging problems. It’s fast, able to be deployed on smartphones, tablets and computers. It gathers data in a customizable survey form and thereby cutting short the time that it would take to enter the collected data. It is also co-integrated with STATA, another statistical software used by researchers and social scientists all over the world.

Since Rwanda now aspires to Middle Income Country status by 2035 and High-Income Country status by 2050, it is imperative that both public and private sector change the way they make decisions. The decisions that will move this country forward will need to be more evidence-based and highly calibrated to the beneficiaries needs.

This training will be conducted by the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) and the Research and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development (RCSD) and will be conducted in English, for two hours a day, for four days.

2. Training content

The table below illustrates the timetable of training :

3. Training methods

The training course will be run in a workshop style with a high degree of participants’ involvement. Adult learning methodologies will be employed, and participants will not be passive. Debate and open discussions will be encouraged. The trainer will use a mix of presentations to define and explain key concepts and practical exercises.

4. Certificate

Trainers will issue completion certificates to participants who will successfully attend the course.

5. Training fees and Venue

This training fee is Fifty Thousand Rwanda Francs (50,000 Rwf). The training will be held at the University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus ; and online through ZOOM.

6. Payment process

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details :

Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network

You can also pay through MTN MOMO PAY (*182*8*1*030683#) or through PayPal on our website ( and notify us through

NB : Tailor-Made Course

We can also do this as tailor-made course to meet organizational wide needs.

Done at Kigali, 20/12/2021

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