EPRN Consult Ltd

EPRN Consult Ltd


1.1 Brief History

EPRN Consult Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) Rwanda, a non-governmental organization (NGO). The EPRN Consult Co Ltd was officially registered at Rwanda Development Board (Registration Company code No.107900371 and Serial No.440788) in October 2018 with the aim of undertaking commissioned research and capacity building consultancies as business for profit. The EPRN Consult Co. Ltd draws human resource experts from the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) which is a membership-based NGO registered with the Rwanda Governance Board (Registration No 240/RGB/NGO/2017) that was established in 2008.

The key mandate of EPRN Consult Ltd include :

1. Enhancing capacity of development experts and development institutions.
2. Undertaking research initiatives which increasingly inform policy making.

Our services

EPRN Consult Ltd envisions an environment where policy makers, senior managers, practioners, development institutions, private sector players and other stakeholders have the knowledge, tools and capacity to improve performance, service delivery and ensure sustainability.

EPRN Consult operates with consultants and associates to deliver commissioned work from both public and private sectors. The key consultants are drawn from the EPRN NGO membership of more than 1,600 members and affiliates with high level qualifications in respective disciplines. EPRN consult Ltd has a well-established infrastructure capacity with a fully equipped office with a resource centre, conference facility for training, library and incubation centre, based at the University of Rwanda (School of Business and Finance).

The Company offers customized professional support and solutions to public and private institutions in form of research services, organization development, organization capacity assessments, strategic planning, project evaluations, financial management, social inclusion, change management and organization re-engineering, trainings, coaching, mentoring and advisory services in policy reviews and formulation guidance in different sectors.

The company has competent experts to undertake assignments in diversified sectors that include evaluations with documentation of best practices and lessons learnt, surveys and assessments, organization capacity development, socio-economic development, trade and industrial development, agriculture and agri- business development, product development and design, disaster risk reduction, gender equality, inclusiveness and citizen participation and Knowledge management (including management of large data sets).

Our Networks

EPRN Consult Ltd has collaborative agreements with the academic, research institutes, NGO’s and government agencies. EPRN works with the University of Rwanda to research on different policy issues. The company has working relations with Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance (MINECOFIN), National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) and the National Institute of Statistics Rwanda (NISR).The company also has long time collaboration with economic policy research institutes in the East African region which include the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), The Public Policy Institute (PPI) of Uganda and the Economic and Social Research Foundation of Tanzania. EPRN has been in long term partnership with the GIZ, World Bank and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Our quality assurance system

EPRN Consult Ltd has a research and consultancy policy committee that provides guidance and framework for research and consultancy. The committee is supervised by a quality assurance board that oversee efficient and effective delivery of assignment to clients. The company has standard operating procedures and internal controls on service delivery to clients.

1.2 Our Technical Capabilities

EPRN leverages its strengths in Research and publication throughout its National network chapters. This enables the company to understand local context of programmes in terms of business, governance, livelihoods, humanitarian affairs, gender and justice, programme design, development and implementation. EPRN Company offers major research and consulting services with commitment. EPRN entry point to development starts with initial indulgence and understanding of unique challenges of managing development interventions, similarly in line with international organizations like Trócaire Rwanda.

EPRN has a strong term reputation as a leader in research, programme development and reviews, monitoring and evaluation. EPRN draws its combined experience of over a century from strong force of up to 1,600 experts in various professional fields, having conducted various assignments both individually and as an institution. Some of the key institutions served by our experts in the recent past include USAID, World Bank, IFC, UNCDF, DFID and Government of Rwanda various Ministries and Departments. EPRN consultants shall confidently apply these institutionalized experiences and the unrivalled advantage to support Trócaire Rwanda document contribution of Various Actors towards Localisation in Rwanda ; document the contribution of different actors in the implementation of the Grand Bargain commitments ; document models of locally led responses that can be used to increase effectiveness of humanitarian response and development initiatives in the future ; conduct a critical analysis on the extent to which locally led response partnerships support localisation and sustain dialogue on localisation in Rwanda.
EPRN has a multi-disciplinary team of professional experts that include ; Monitoring and evaluation product development and innovations, financial-economists, socio-economists, gender experts, agricultural-economists, institutional Strategists, logisticians and operational research gurus, agribusiness experts, public finance specialists and disaster/emergency management specialists among others with vast hands on experience in documenting qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis and reporting. The teams also present vast experience in documentation of best practices, success stories and lessons learnt.

EPRN hires and retains experts depending on assignments. However, EPRN Consultants limited has 10 regular staff. Specifically a number of EPRN experts specialize in researching on different thematic issues, organization development, socio-economic analysis, gender mainstreaming, household and beneficiary surveys, cost analysis and participatory approaches and ; outcome and impact surveys for various sectors ; EPRN’s company strength lies in its ability to provide cutting edge research methodologies based on participatory approaches with entrenched ethical culture that is the use of sound techniques to identify and assess issues of critical relevance to our clients ensuring that we deliver value for money to any engagements we are entrusted with. EPRN as a firm is dedicated to professionalism and quality while focusing on client satisfaction’s as a priority. Our experts have extensive analytical skills and capability to undertake documentation research on humanitarian and development issues.