Call for application for a Professional Training on ADVANCED EXCEL

DATES : from 17th to 19th February 2023
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus

1. Introduction

This course is designed to help MS Excel users to discover some challenges and Different settings of MS Advanced Excel and to get enough skills to fulfill the Data Management & accounting and statistical responsibilities.

Advanced Excel plays a very important role in structuring & presenting data so that it looks impressive. Once one has a good understanding of Excel features like tables, cell styles, formatting options, then it is necessary to make awesome Excel workbooks. The role of this course is to teach participants the various formulas used in Excel, how to debug them, audit them and how to use which formula for which occasion (and also know few alternatives for any given formula problem).

The training will be practical ; participants will work on existing datasets for practices.

2. Course content

The course content includes :
Introduction to Advanced Excel (Learn how modular templates can make your spreadsheets more consistent and much quicker to set up, Customizing the Excel interface to put the tools that you need at your fingertips, How to build in checks and controls from the outset)
Data Validation (Extended uses of Data Validation, Working with validation formulae)
Preparing your data for analysis (Mastering lookup functions -INDEX, MATCH-, Creating helper columns using DATE and TEXT functions, Applying NESTED-IF, AND, OR to organize data)
Methods of Summarizing Data (Using SUMIFS and COUNTIFS, Advanced uses of PIVOT-TABLE features like Value Field Settings, Grouping Data and Slicers among others, Calculations and reporting in Power Pivot –an introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Report Visualization Techniques in Excel (Report Interactivity -Using Pick-Lists, Form Controls like combo box & Excel Camera, Effectively using Conditional Formatting (formula-driven) for reporting, Calculations in Power Pivot –an introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Decision Making with Excel (Apply advanced formulas to lay data in readiness for analysis, Use advanced techniques for report visualizations, Leverage on various methodologies of summarizing data, Understand and apply basic principles of laying out Excel models for decision making.

3. Training methods

The training course will be run in a workshop style with a high degree of participants’ involvement. Adult learning methodologies will be employed, and participants will not be passive. Debate and open discussions will be encouraged. The trainer will use a mix of presentations to define and explain key concepts and practical exercises. Trainees are encouraged to bring their own laptops.

4. Certificate

EPRN will issue completion certificates to participants who will successfully attend the course and pass the course test. Pass mark is 60%.

5. Training fees, venue, date and refreshments

Members : 60,000 Rwf
Non-members : 100,000 Rwf

This training will be held at University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus (former SFB building) from 17th to 19th February 2023.
6. Payment process

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details :
Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network
Register here

Scan the bank slip and send it to : OR bring the hard copy of bank slip to EPRN office at University of Rwanda- Gikondo Campus (former SFB).
You can also pay through MTN MOMO PAY (*182*8*1*030683#) or through PayPal on our website ( and notify us through

NB : Tailor-Made Course
We can also do this as tailor-made course to meet organization-wide needs.

If you need further clarifications, call us through : 0788357648 or write to us :

Kigali, 02/02/2023

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