EPRN Breakfast Session with Partners

On 02nd December, the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) organized a Breakfast Session at Lemigo Hotel, Kigali. The purpose of this session was to explain to development partners and international NGOs about EPRN activities related to economic research, policy debate and advocacy, and networking opportunities. This session was attended by over 20 participants from different development partners and international NGOs.

This session was moderated by Miss Lysiane Byukusenge, a marketing and communication intern at EPRN.

During her opening remarks, Mrs. Amina Rwakunda, a Chief Economist at MINECOFIN and the Deputy Legal Representative of EPRN, welcomed all participants and elaborated more on the purpose of creating EPRN and its mandate.

The Executive Director of EPRN, Mr. Seth Kwizera, proceeded with a presentation on key implemented activities since EPRN inception ; and highlighted key activities for the year 2021. He appreciated support by GIZ, UNDP, UNECA, UNCTAD, IFPRI, MINECOFIN and BNR, and called upon other partners to support EPRN activities to achieve a wider impact.

Mr. Seth underlined 3 more options of partnership as follow :
1. EPRN partner encourage institutions with interest in research and policy debates & advocacy to pay membership fees and join the Network to organize together events on mutual interest.
2. EPRN may also serve as a service provider/organizer for conferences and policy debates/dialogues on behalf of institutions and be paid a coordination fees (mobilize and invite participants including speakers, media, etc. ; rapporteur services)
3. EPRN may undertake commissioned assignments like research and training and be paid in accordance to services provided

The Program Manager of the MIP Program at GIZ, Dr. Jan Miksch, commended the achievements of EPRN and called upon for a continuous growth in terms of capacities to conduct economic research and policy advocacy.

All participants had time to ask questions, give recommendation for more improvements.

Mrs. Amina closed this session and thanked all participants for their time and contribution to discussions and encouraged them keep supporting the EPRN network along its journey.

Presentation by Seth Kwizera, Executive Director

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