How can I become a member of EPRN and EPRN Student Chapter ?

There are two ways of registering as an EPRN member : 1. You can either go to , select “Become a Member” in the top right corner and then click on “Don’t have an account ?”, or 2. you can register by filling the membership form at offices, online or during our events. Upon registration, you will receive our monthly newsletter and will have access to insider information regarding economics and research in Rwanda, like information on conferences and calls for paper to publish your research, job openings and vacant internship positions, etc.

For becoming a member of EPRN Student Chapter and attending interesting events on economics and research at your campus, please contact the leaders of the group at your campus to register in their list.

There is no EPRN Student Chapter group at my campus. What can I do about this ?

If there is an economics department or study options related to economics at your campus, you are welcome to reach out to or call (+250) 788 357 648 to check for the possibility of starting an EPRN Student Chapter group at your campus. If there is no such department at your campus, you can join an EPRN Student Chapter group of the above mentioned campuses and attend their events.

Why are there no groups at campuses without study options related to economics ?

As our resources are limited, we will concentrate our efforts on students of economics in the first step. Therefore, we will start with EPRN Student Chapter groups at campuses with an economics department.

What about graduates ?

If you are not a university student anymore but have finished your degree, you can come to our EPRN events and also continue attending the EPRN Student Chapter events. Also, there are other services like the Young Economist Program or the AQEPD Program which EPRN temporarily offers for graduates in cooperation with our partner organisations.

My question wasn’t answered here. Whom can I contact ?

You can contact us via and call (+250) 788 357 648. We will gladly assist you.