Feminist Working Group on Just Transition (FWgJT) 2024

Deadline : Friday, 4th of February 2024 at 4 PM. 

Friedrich - Ebert -Stiftung Rwanda (FES) is a German Foundation (app. 100 offices worldwide) and it has been in existence in Rwanda since 2017 where it fully registered with both MINALOC & RGB.

Apart from other activities that FES works on with Trade Unions, NGOs, and Think Tanks, in relation to Good Governance, Social Protection, Democratization and Decentralization, FES runs The Feminist Working Group on Just Transition as one of the major programs that it implements in Rwanda.

In partnership with EPRN,FES Rwanda initiated the program of Feminist Working group on Just Transition (FWgJT). The program brings together women from different background in Rwanda, including Ministries, National and International NGOs, think tanks, academia, private sector and civile society organizations.

The objectives of the program include :

 to create a feminist and gender justice group to enhance awareness and activism on feminism, gender justice and just transition.
 to increase the understanding of the participants about the topics and link those topics to social democracy and just transition.
 to integrate feminism, and just transition in the inclusive and sustainable development.
 to give women a platform and a safe space of sharing experience, exchanges and exposure to various feminism, gender justice, social democracy and just transitions aspects.

Dates and planned topics for the workshops and discussions :

1. Feminism and just transition
 Social Justice
 Economic Justice
 Social Democracy
 Good governance

Please fill out all the questions and add all additional information. Only completed application forms can be taken into consideration.

Application link : https://forms.gle/y4U7DAMwdFT8NXF6A

Deadline : Friday, 4th of February 2024 at 4 PM. 

2. Dates of the sessions

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 7th – 8th of March 2024
Introduction to social justice with focus on the concepts of Feminism, gender justice, care economy and Just transition (General understanding)

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 2nd – 2rd of May 2024
Inclusive and Just economy

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 13th – 14th of June 2024
Climate justice and green economy

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 4th-5th of July 2024
Open Space Session with the FWG Alumni Network

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 1st -2nd of August 2024
Social democracy and social protection

Kigali, Thursday– Friday, 6th -7th of September 2024
Feminism and Good Governance
The closing ceremony.