The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) is a member-based Research and Training Institution. The Mission of EPRN is to contribute to the evidence based economic policy making by providing high quality research, building capacities and creating networking opportunities.

As provided by the EPRN Statutes and Internal Rules and Regulations, we kindly invite you to the 7th General Assembly Meeting scheduled on 28/09/2023, 3pm online through this link : https://meet.google.com/hpc-fbqj-xss

The Agenda is as follows :

a. Review and approval of the minutes of the 6th General Assembly held on 06th September 2023
b. Key Findings from the external audit report (Jan-Dec 2022)
c. Progress of EPRN activities in 2023 (including summary of Board key resolutions)
d. Proposed items to be considered by the Secretaries in the preparation of the 2024 Action Plans

Meeting documents will be shared before the meeting.

For any need of further clarification, kindly contact us through : info@eprnrwanda.org or Call : 0788357648.

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