Official closure of the 3rd cohort of Female working group on feminism, gender justice and just transition

Venue : FES Office (Rwanda)
Date : 08th September 2023

The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) as a local think tank which delivers research, capacity building and policy influencing through dialogue has among its flagship initiatives, actions towards ensuring men and women are equally contributing to the achievement of our Rwanda’s ambition of becoming an upper-middle income country by 2035, and a high-income country by 2050.

The female working group on feminism, gender justice and just transition program has been initiated by FES Rwanda and EPRN Rwanda to create a group of strong female actors and provide them the space as well as inputs for discussing socio-economic questions from a feminist perspective.

Worldwide and in Africa, feminism, gender justice and just transition are dominating debates and attracting activist movements in human rights, gender justice, social democracy, and inclusive sustainable development. Actors in those fields are discussing and rethinking on how to enhance equal opportunities of sexes from political, socio-cultural and economic contexts to achieve inclusive sustainable development sometime referred to as “leave no one behind”.

The cohort which graduated today was composed of participants from different professional backgrounds including public institutions, private sector, cooperatives and civil society organizations. This enabled participants to share experiences from their different areas of work.

This Programme facilitated participants through thematic training and workshops which were customized to their needs to strengthen their community engagement and activism. Participants had opportunities to learn, interact, and connect with Rwandan and foreign personalities, as well as a space to share experience and to learn from each other Graduates were urged to keep learning because learning never stop. They were recommended to keep interacting and try to apply the skills and information they have got through this program. ‘’The proud of EPRN and FES will be seeing you making a real change in our society towards more women economic empowerment’’ mentioned Seth Kwizera, Executive Director during the closing ceremony.