CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST : Friday Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration

Registration : Friday 20/05/2022, 5pm Kigali time
A six-months session with selected journalists

1. Background
Regional integration is embedded in economic, social and political expectations, with a wider view of creating mutual trust and creation of forces with powerful mechanisms for overriding opportunistic motives while creating networks with cooperatives ties, it is true that individual states no longer have an effective capacity to regulate in the face of uncontrolled movements of capital , then regionalism may be seen as a means to regain some control over global market forces and to counter the negative social consequences of globalization. Ultimately, our global economy is based on a system created by men. This has quite a number of consequences on question of gender justice such as the Economy that ignores some forms of labour and those that are mostly done by women (i.e. care work).

The use of media in shaping public opinion in order for any idea to succeed cannot be ignored, without an informed and active citizenry leader may lose touch with the true needs and interests of their representatives, constant flow of information will create an informed citizenry which will eventually translate to citizens participating in activities, campaigns or causes of integration.

Since 2021, the Economic Policy Research network and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Rwanda hosting the “Friday Breakfast” regularly on a monthly basis.

2. About the Friday breakfast
This is a six-month program. EPRN and FES select 15-20 journalists who reports on Economy and Regional Integration and mentor them on data interpretation skills, help them access the information by linking them to high level experts from public and private institutions.

The main objectives are :
link economic questions with Social Protection and Good Governance.
inform journalists on different topics related to Regional Integration and Economy.
Discuss the connection between economy and structures of gender injustice
increase the awareness on international debates.
bring experts together by creating a space to discuss relevant issues and current topics.
create a well-informed network of Rwandan journalists and non-state actors.

How is it organized ?
A selected group of journalists will be given an intensive two days training with experts in media and regional integration and this training will cover systemic changes on how to report about economy, trade and region integration by providing critiques on past articles relevant to the topics.

Every last Friday of the month, EPRN and FES invite a skillful and experienced speaker on a selected topic, and a moderator. The speaker makes a presentation on a topic followed by a moderated discussion, including questions and answers. The “Friday Breakfast” take longer than 90 – 120 minutes.

3. Call for registration to the 2nd cohort
EPRN an FES are organizing a second cohort to start from May 2022.
Media houses may also nominate candidates.

Requirements :
At least bachelor’s degree in journalists, communication or related fields
At least be affiliated to a media outlet that operates either online and /or offline
Minimum 2 years’ experience in media
Bloggers, Youtubers and any other online journalists with economy and regional integration contents are also allowed to apply.
Be interested or be reporting on news/articles related to Economy and Regional Integration
A recommendation from a media house is an added value

Registration process :
If interested, kindly submit your CV and expression of interest (in a form of cover letter) by not later than Friday 20/05/2022, 5pm Kigali time. Register through : or

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