A Professional virtual training on “Planning,...

A Professional virtual training on “Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation and reporting of projects” organized by EPRN Rwanda that took place from 14th to 16th August 2020 (9AM – 4PM), 2020. The training was officially opened by Mr. Seth KWIZERA, EPRN coordinator. He welcomed all participants in the training as well as the lecturer, after introducing himself and the lecturer, he opened the floor to the participants to get them introduced and He wished all of the participants a wonderful training and promised a good roll out of the training in terms of facilitation.

The training was delivered by AGABA Broad M&E head of Department at Edify Rwanda). The training organizers were very helpful and the participants showed high interest in learning and sharing knowledge and experiences. This group of trainees was mature and had prior knowledge on the subject, hence facilitating peer learning and study interactions.

The training was very practical and interactive thus providing a step by step approach to planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of projects. Trainees were mostly program coordinator, specialists, M&E and planning officers, individual consultants, University graduate, research fellows, independent Organizations, private consultants and some government staff, this course primarily was targeting Project/Programs managers, planning and Budgeting Officers and experts and also relevant stakeholders involved in project design and implementation of projects and programs.

Most part of the training was the practical learning and exercises to emphasis the methodology for preparing, implementing and evaluating projects and programs. The trainees were challenged to use the knowledge given to improve their performance. Training was well organized and the choice of training content was spot-on and helpful to those who were active on the field of project management of donor funded projects.

During the presentations of the groups’ assignments, the exchange of comments and questions were encouraged to be able to refine the work and the trainer assisted every group during the assignment by giving some rectifications.