Training on Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)

A training on “Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) of Development Programs/Projects” organized by EPRN took place at UR-CBE/Gikondo campus from the 19th up to 21st of October, 2018. The training on result based monitoring and evaluation was officially opened by Mr. Seth Kwizera EPRN coordinator. He welcomed all participants in the training as well as the lecturer, after introducing himself and the lecturer, he opened the floor to the participants to get them introduced. Before passing the floor on to the lecturer, He wished all of the participants a wonderful training and promised a good roll out of the training in terms of facilitation.

The trainer was Mr. Agaba Broad, the head of monitoring and evaluation department in EDIFY. As the Results-based Management (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) is seen as an interdisciplinary must-do practice, different levels of participants were eager to learn more about the practice.

Among participants were : University students, research fellows, independent Organizations, lecturers, private consultants and some government staff. As the training was a continuation of the two that occurred in January and June, the aim of the training was to refine the skills already existent by enhancing the understanding of the Cycle of Results-based Management namely the language used at every step of the plan (from inputs to impact), identifying the risks and the related mitigation measures as well as the assumption in the planning process.

Most part of the training was the practical learning and exercises were given throughout to put in practice the theories and understandings gained. During the presentations of the groups’ assignments, the exchange of comments and questions were encouraged to be able to refine the work and the trainer assisted every group during the assignment by giving some rectifications.