Recruitment of an Editor to design papers to be published as “3rd EPRN Paper Series”

Terms of Reference

1. Introduction

The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) is a Research and Training Institution with the status of local NGO aiming at strengthening the capacities of individuals and organizations active in or with an interest in economic policy research and analysis. EPRN Rwanda, therefore, responds to economic policy gaps resulting mainly from lack of quality and informative research and the challenge of human capacity in terms of limited numbers of economic researchers and active involvement.

The mission of EPRN Rwanda is to contribute to the evidence-based economic policymaking by providing high-quality research, building capacity and creating networking opportunities.

One of the flagship activities of EPRN is the Annual Economic Research Conference. This year, EPRN in collaboration with GIZ, IFPRI, UNDP and other partners organized the 6th Economic Research Conference which held on 25th February 2020 at Lemigo Hotel. The conference theme was “Building Productive Capacities for Structural Economic Transformation”. During the conference the following papers have been presented :

  • Analysis of Causes of Business Failure in Rwanda : Learning from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Effect of EAC single customs territory on trade facilitation in Rwanda
  • The effect of short term bank loan financing on the financial performance of manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Rwanda
  • Analysis of recent evolution of economic sectoral output, employment and structural economic transformation in EAC : Spatial panel data approach (1991-2018)

2. Purpose of the Conference

The 6th Economic Research Conference provided a research platform and exchange forum for economic researchers from a wide spectrum such as academics, government officials, representatives of development partners, CSOs around the topic of “Building Productive Capacities for Structural Economic Transformation”. This was also an opportunity to brainstorm on our Country status in regards to the topic of productive capacities and suggest innovative policy solutions to achieve desired goals and targets.

EPRN wishes to publish the four papers which have been published during the conference in the form of working papers (paper series). The purpose of this assignment is to have a professional designer/journalist who is able to design a publication and prepare a good outlook of the publication.

3. Scope of work

The assignment consists of :

  • Read through the 4 papers and suggest a logical arrangement of the papers in the publication
  • Check all grammatical errors, including language errors, tables, and graphs… and rectify them to make papers well presented
  • Compile the four papers in one document and design the book in a professional way easy to ready
  • Advise and add other relevant information (in addition to papers) and make it ready for printing.

More specifically, the tasks of the designer/journalist are to cross-check the form, grammar, context, logical flow of the papers and the whole document ; and ensure the document is ready for being printed and disbursed.

4. Required expertise

The following qualifications are required :

  • University degree in economics, management, business studies, journalism, communication, and related fields.
  • Experience in reviewing and designing documents before publication or before a presentation
  • Fluency in English is required
  • Good knowledge of publication practices and more specifically those related to Working Paper Series
  • Excellent analytical skills, report writing, and oral presentation skills.

5. Duration

This assignment is expected to be implemented in a period of 10 days after signing the contract, or any other period as may be subsequently agreed upon with the client.

6. Application Process

Interested candidates are requested to submit the detailed CV and Financial offer (by indicating daily rates including taxes) at the EPRN office located at UR-CBE Gikondo (ex SFB) by not later than 26/03/2020, 5 pm local time. Applications may also be sent through EPRN P.O. Box : 7375 Kigali-Rwanda until 26/03/2020, 1 pm OR emailed to (please send all documents in PDF format and indicate “Application-Designer for the EPRN Paper Series” in the email subject) by not later than 26/03/2020, 5 pm local time.

Kigali, 17/03/2019

Seth Kwizera