How to pay membership and training fees using E-Payment ?

E-payment system is a way of making transactions or paying for goods and services through an electronic medium without the use of check or cash. To facilitate members and users, we have developed an electronic payment system to be used for payment of membership and training fees.

The following are the steps and instructions :

Instructions and Steps :
1. Go to EPRN website (Home page), click on Membership--->Registration---> Choose and click on your membership category (Individual, Student or Institution) :

2. Fill in the form to create your membership account and click Register :

3. Fill in the Billing Address form (Address, Country, city and Zip) to complete making payment and click continue to checkout :

4. Fill Personal Details (Zip/postal code and mobile phone) and Choose Payment Method to complete your payment :

N.B : We have 2 different payment methods ; we can use mobile money or ATM card :

A. E-payment through “Mobile Money” :

  • Click on mobile---->Select MTN SIM Card---->Enter your MTN mobile number---->Click on Tick to approve the below Terms & Conditions---->Click on Pay Via Mobile
  • Check your phone and follow Mobile Money Payment instructions :

1. MTN will send you a request to complete the payment.
2. You will be requested to select the transaction with the amount in RWF.
3. MTN will ask you to accept or reject the payment. Select Accept.
4. MTN will prompt you to enter the mobile money pin. Enter your service PIN.
5. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction from MTN.

B. E-payment by using “ATM Card”

After filling Billing Address form and your personal details choose payment method by clicking on card, complete the following information from your card (Card Holder Name, Card Number, Card Expiry Month, Card Expiry Year and the Security Code (CVV))---->click on SAVE ALL MY DETAILS FOR FUTURE PAYMENTS--->click on TICK TO APPROVE BELOW TERMS AND CONDITIONS---> click on Pay

After completing all form and agree terms and conditions, money will move automatically from your bank account to EPRN account (00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)).

In the current digital world, we need to go cashless !

E-payment is the only system that will allow all users and EPRN members to pay easily membership and training fees through internet instead of paying cash in person ; and with this you do not have to spend and waste a lot of time standing in lines of banks or post office.
If your transaction fails, do not hesitate to contact for technical support (0783810057)

Thank you !!!