EPRN Rwanda held a policy dialogue on the...

EPRN Rwanda held a policy dialogue on the 18th of September 2019 at the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda. The dialogue focused on policy challenges to achieve the target of creating 1,500,000 decent and productive jobs and current efforts/actions and required coordination to achieve that target.

The outcomes of the discussion would be instrumental in informing and defining the scope of new research initiatives on the topics of poverty, job creation and human capital development in Rwanda to implement the global UN principle for sustainable development of ‘leaving no one behind’. The policy dialogue was geared towards discussing about “NST 1- Creating 1,500,000 Decent and Productive jobs : Challenges and Policy Actions.”

The dialogue mainly focused on women and the youth where efforts by Rwanda to strengthen demand driven Technical and Vocational Education Training programs, increasing female enrolment form 41.8% to 43.8% among other things were discussed. Some of the questions that rose from the dialogue were about the quality of the jobs, inclusion of youth who cannot access TVET education among others.

The policy dialogue was attended by over 100 participants form public institutions, academicians, development partners, Embassies, NGO’s and Journalist.