Setting the Scene of Rwanda’s E-commerce Competitiveness : Exploring the Implications of regulations for Data Privacy, Intellectual Property and Competition policy



While Rwanda aspires to become a regional hub of digital economy and ecommerce, the development of laws, regulations and other international instruments is a lengthy time-consuming process. And as the technology continues to accelerate at an exponential pace, so to avoid a regulation gap, it’s important for today policymakers and regulators to keep in mind that they need to be fit for the technologies of tomorrow. Especially in this current context of Covid-19 outbreak as business shift online and people work from home, there is a strong demand for digital services and the digital economy is playing a key role in Rwanda’s response to the pandemic. For Rwandan Digital economy being competitive, this will require targeted efforts in development of digital infrastructure and this needs to start by setting up a comprehensive regulatory framework for data protection, intellectual property and competition law and policy for the Rwandan e-commerce sector to expand and take place on a large scale.

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