25th-31st March
By AIESEC Rwanda and EPRN Rwanda

Global Money Week (GMW) was inspired by International Aflatoun Day that was initiated by Aflatoun International on 17 March 2011. Aflatoun International is the organization from which Child & Youth Finance International was born. The first International Aflatoun Day had 42 participating partner organizations. The Day was an opportunity for children across the world to unite, to communicate with each other, and to celebrate. For the first time, children spoke directly with other children around the world about their Aflatoun experience through video calls. Since then, each year organizations across the world organize their own GMW events during the Week, sharing their news, photos and information with others around the world. Global week is currently active in 169 countries reaching out to over 32 million children across the world.

Global money week has been active in Rwanda for 5 years now and is set to make it 6 with this year’s weekly event prepared by AIESEC Rwanda, and the Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN). This year’s Global Money Week events are set to happen from 25th to 31st of March. Some of the many activities done during this event are :

The Financial Summit. The directive of these workshops is to invite various financial institutions such as commercial banks, investment firms and insurance firms to advice and inform the students on savings and investments. This is mainly aimed at enhancing the financial literacy of the youth and children reached in this event.

Saving Shop. This is aimed at boosting the understanding of the value of money. Children get the opportunity to participate in shop to save challenge given a shopping coupon. During this activity, children are given a coupon of 5000rwf and sent in a supermarket to do some shopping. This is aimed at capturing the saving perception of the children through looking at what kind of items they bought, are they of value or not, how much were they able to save.

Visit to Money museums, like forex bureaus. This is aimed at educating the youth how different foreign currencies affect the own country currency in terms of appreciating and depreciating the value. They also get educated on how the named currencies affects their country’s economy.

GMW selfie challenge. GMW time is always Selfie Time ! Last year’s Challenge was a huge success, with many youth from around the world submitting their great GMW selfies in the spirit of financial awareness ! Get involved in this year’s social media challenge and show us how you are celebrating the week !