EPRN Consult LTd

EPRN Rwanda has its business arm (EPRN Consult Co Ltd) which takes care of all commissioned research and consultancies. The company has a separate office with full-time consultants and in most cases, its associate researchers are involved for commissioned work. All research through EPRN is supervised by a separate quality assurance board. EPRN has a research and Consultancy Policy which provides guidance and framework for research and consultancy through EPRN.

I. Main Activities

a) Enhance Capacity Building for economists and other experts

-  Conduct Professional short courses/demand-driven training sessions
-  Conduct Public lectures in universities and other institutions
-  Provide sustainable Mentorship services for young researchers (supervision of young researchers in carrying out good quality applied research)
-  Organize study tour for local researchers to learn from best practices from other similar researchers institutions/think thanks in the region.

b) Research Initiatives which increasingly inform policy making

-  Organize EPRN International Annual Research Conference
-  Publish research papers (Conference Proceedings/Working Paper Series)
-  Carry out Gender Analysis on Economics Research (How many women economist involved in research, what keeps them away, what could be incentives ?)
-  Sensitive university students to carry out applied research (develop the culture of reading and writing through EPRN Student Chapter)
-  Avail research resources to research (continuously enrich the physical libarary and online research center)

c) Improved culture of on policy issues

-  Organize Policy Dialogues on emerging issues
-  Awareness Campaign to inform the general public about new policies and key research findings
-  Convene community local leaders to discuss about real world issues at community level
-  Organize sector session, workshops to brainstorm sector issues (agriculture, social protection, health, education,…)

d) Carry out commissioned research

To sustain its activities, EPRN Rwanda relies on money generated from internal services (paid training, membership fees, consultancies and other commissioned work)
-  Develop research proposal responding to current needs
-  Seek partnerships with donors and non-donor organizations (joint work)
-  Bid for tenders (EPRN Consult Co Ltd)
-  Etc

II. Research areas

Agriculture Economics, Socio-Economic development, Health Economics, Tourism Economics, Environmental Economics, Monetary Policies, Home grown solutions, Inclusiveness and citizen participation, Regional integration and trade issues, Poverty Analysis, Big data and data science, Gender equality and Employment