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Policy Dialogue

EPRN organizes policy dialogues around emerging policy issues or other selected topics. The topics are selected by partners or members. The policy dialogues provide a space for research dissemination and advocacy thus promote socio-economic policy reforms for wellbeing of Rwandans.
So far more than 10 high level policy dialogues have been organized and policy recommendations shared with policy makers. During these sessions, members of the network have been called upon to advise on GoR’ development agenda (topics of the policy dialogues are : citizen participation, inclusive growth, human capital development, EDPRS1&2, NST1, Vision 2020/2050, African Continental Free Trade Area, Child rights in Rwanda, etc…). EPRN experienced an increasing turn-ups during these sessions over time.

After each dialogue a report including policy recommendations is shared with concerned policy making institutions and other key stakeholders.

Below are some of more details on some of the policy dialogues organized.