Call for application to attend EPRN Professional Training sessions scheduled in November and December 2021

November to December 2021
Venue : University of Rwanda, CBE Gikondo (Former SFB buildings)

1. Introduction
The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) is a Research and Training Institution formally registered in 2018. The mission of EPRN is to contribute to the evidence based economic policy making by providing high quality research, building capacity and creating networking opportunities.

2. Training Quality assurance committee

EPRN has a committee in-charge of monitoring the curriculum, course contents, training delivery to ensure high quality service.

3. Certificate

At the end of each course, EPRN delivers a test, and ONLY participants who successfully pass the test with at least 60% get certificates. Those who fail to obtain 60% attend similar EPRN training session free-of-charge (this repeat chance is only provided once).

4. Training Fee per one Course

o EPRN members : 60,000 Rwf per course
o Non-members : 100,000 Rwf per course

5. Courses, Specific dates and Content


Date and time : 16-19/11/2021 (5h30pm-8h30pm)
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus
Course content :
o Overview of basic concepts in panel data
o Random-effects model
o Fixed-effects mode
o Probit models for panel data
o Logit models for panel data
o Poisson models for panel data
o Cross-sectional estimation under endogeneity
o Panel-data estimation under endogeneity
o Dynamic models
o Building your own dynamic models


Date and time : 30/11-03/12/2021 (5h30pm-8h30pm)
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus
Course content :

o Introduction to cost-benefit analysis
o Feasibility Analysis
o Basic issues in cost-benefit analysis
o How to deal with risk and uncertainty
o In more detail : how to quantify costs and benefits
o How to value non-market impacts


Date and time : 10-12/12/2021 (9h00am-4h00pm)
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus
Course content :
o Creating dummy variables for regression analysis
o OLS with categorical regressors
o Ordinal regression
o Binary logistic regression
o Multinomial logistic regression
o Probit regression
o Panel data analysis
o Time series analysis


Date and time : 20-23/12/2021 (5h30pm-8h30pm)
Venue : University of Rwanda, Gikondo Campus
o An upgraded workable understanding of the key concepts in Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
o An understanding of the importance of integrating Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting into project Planning, and an understanding of where they fit into the project cycle
o Knowledge of how to plan a project using the Logical Framework Approach
o Knowledge of how to develop a Result-based monitoring and evaluation framework
o A basic knowledge of data collection and analysis techniques, and their relationship to the different types of evaluation
o Identify and develop “SMART” objectives and indicators
o Identify and apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques
o Construct a terms of reference and an evaluation report

6. Payment process

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details :
Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network

Scan the bank slip and send it to : and copy to : OR bring the hard copy of bank slip to EPRN office at UR-CBE Gikondo (former SFB).

You can also pay through MTN MOMO PAY (*182*8*1*030683#) or through PayPal on our website ( and notify us through

If you need further clarifications, call us through : 0788357648 or write to us :

Done at Kigali, 02/11/2021