Digital Policy Breakfast on Economic and Regional Integration : "Covid-19 & the 2nd lockdown in Kigali : What are the economic implications for Rwanda ?"

Friday, 29th January 2021, 9AM-11AM.
Venue : Online through Zoom

The idea of the “Digital Policy Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration” is to
link economic questions with Social Protection and Good Governance.
inform policy makers and journalists on different topics related to Regional Integration and Economy.
increase the awareness on international debates.
bring experts together by creating a space to discuss relevant issues and current topics.
create a well-informed network of policy makers and Rwandan journalists.

EPRN and FES Rwanda are hosting the format of a “Economic Breakfast” in general on a monthly basis. Decision makers, trade unionists, journalists and others who are interested in the topics and have a focus on Economy and Regional Integration are welcomed and invited. During the “Economic Breakfast” a presentation will be given, followed by a moderated discussion, including questions and answers. The “Digital Breakfast” will not take longer than 90 – 120 minutes.

Participants are requested to be online from 08.30am to check the technical support, the discussion will start at 09.00 am.

Technical guidance for the participation :

a.) Write us an email for your registration to (until Thursday, 28th of January, 4pm) – without your registration we will not be able to send you the participation link.

b.) Download the necessary software here
e.) You will be informed by email and you will receive the access code for the "Zoom Meeting".

In accordance with the moderator Fiona Mbabazi, DG Jonas Munyurangabo (MINICOM) will discuss the economic impact of the 2nd lockdown in Kigali. Participants are invited for a presentation and questions around these topics. How resilient is the Rwandan economy and what are the strategies to deal with the ongoing challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic ? What are the plans to keep the country’s development on track and preserve as many jobs as possible ? Participants are invited for a presentation and questions around these topics.

Please confirm (until Thursday, 28th of January, 4pm) your DIGITAL participation

Space is unlimited, nevertheless we kindly ask all participants to be online from 08.30am to check the technical support.

At 09.00am the presentation / discussion will start !