The Commonwealth Foundation’s COVID-19 Special Grants Call (Up to £30,000)

Deadline : September 18, 2020

The Commonwealth Foundation’s COVID-19 special grants call is now open for applications. The Foundation’s Grants Programme supports innovative project ideas and approaches that seek to strengthen the ability of civic voices to engage with governments to improve governance and development outcomes through their active participation. In lieu of their annual grants call, they are launching a special grants call in response to the COVID–19 pandemic. Submit your applications for the COVID-19 Grant Call.

The purpose of the special grants call is to enable the Commonwealth Foundation to deliver support to Commonwealth civil society organisations in response to COVID-19 quickly, efficiently and in a way that both reflects and advances our broader mission. To that end, the focus will be on supporting national initiatives that aim to engage constructively with the government in strengthening relevant institutions, policies and practices as communities and countries seek to recover and rebuild. The Foundation is also aware that the pandemic has created a novel and urgent priorities for civil society action and engagement : from the emergence of acute vulnerability among certain groups to the need for insight into how new laws and policies are impacting on different groups of people. Proposals should address such priorities through the lens of participatory governance.