Impact of COVID-19 on informal sector workers in Rwanda

By Mwambari Faustin & BIZIMANA Appolinaire

1. Introduction

Near the end of 2019 and beginning of the year 2020, the world is experiencing a hurtful moment brought by COVID-19 pandemic. In its infancy at the end of 2019, people were confused about what it is. In this context, people were not aware of its extent of contamination and disturbance as well as its effects on human economic wellbeing. But up to now, people are aware of its causes, effects and its way of spreading. The effect of this pandemic touches on human wellbeing. Normally, there is nothing like wellbeing minus employment opportunities. These opportunities are mainly found in both formal sector and informal sector. Nevertheless, workers in informal sector are more vulnerable compared to their counterparts in the formal sector.

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