Terms of Reference for Mentorship Services to Supervise and Review Papers under the Framework of the Seventh EPRN Annual Research Conference 2021

1. Background

The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) is a Research and Training Institution registered with Rwanda Governance Board as a local Non-Government Organization with a mission to contribute to the evidence-based economic policymaking by providing high-quality research, building capacities and creating networking opportunities for local experts. One of the flagship activities of EPRN is to organize research conferences. So far, six conferences have been organized with more than 40 papers presented, and a number of policy dialogues on research findings have been organized. Through annual conferences, EPRN created a forum which brings together the policy and research communities to strengthen the interface between them, and to encourage the open exchange of data, evidence, and ideas on a selected topic.

For the seventh time now, EPRN in collaboration with GIZ/MIP Program, UNCTAD and other potential partners is organizing a research conference under the theme of “Economic policy measures to enhance productive capacities post COVID-19 Crisis”. The conference is scheduled on 25th and 26th February 2021 in Kigali.
The country needs to take measures -including economic policy related- to revive the private sector and public sector to enhance the export promotion, inclusive economic growth, and sustainable development. There is a need to strengthen productive capacities in sectors which are likely to quickly recover, and re-build their productive capacities that would have a multiplier effect to the entire economy, including job creation.

The Research conference will create a discussion forum on relevant research findings to reveal the status of the economic sectors post COVID-19 ; and suggest specific short-term, medium-term, and long-term recommendations to uplift the country’s socio-economic development.

2. Mentorship

To enhance research capacities for economic researchers about undertaking and implementing research projects and policy analysis, EPRN is looking for experienced researchers to mentor and provide necessary guidance to authors towards final papers ready for being presented during the conference.

Early 2020, EPRN launched a call for abstracts ; and the Research Committee pre-selected 36 abstracts to go for next stage of developing full papers.

Abstracts have been categorized in three groups : e-businesses and digital solutions to COVID-19 ; social economic impacts of COVID-19 and measures to overcome them ; and impacts of COVID-19 on job creation and trade and recovery measures. It is planned that one or two mentors will be assigned to one category depending on the areas of expertise (areas where a mentor has more publications).
A mentor will produce timesheets showing how much time spent with authors/mentees. The timesheets will be a basis of payments.

3. Scope of work to be undertaken and timeline

The mentor (s) will be expected to undertake the following specific tasks :

• Help researchers to define research topic, problem and methodology ; and organize mini-workshop at the beginning of the assignment
• Coach researchers in methods and technics of undertaking a good quality applied research
• Provide overall guidance to access desired data for a good quality paper
• Organize a second mini workshop half-way whereby researchers present draft papers
• Final review of the mentored research papers latest two weeks before submission of the papers (2 weeks before the conference)
• Organize a rehearsal session (with other EPRN senior experts) for presentation of all accepted papers (during the week preceding the conference)
• Ensure all papers are of high quality and meet requirements of being published under EPRN Paper Series including the EPRN standard format of research papers.

4. Requirements

The following qualifications are required to successfully carry out the exercise :

  • PhD in fields related to economics, business, statistics and management with a strong background in research and related activities.
  • Experience in supervising/mentoring researchers (at least supervised or peer-reviewed 3 published papers)
  • Substantial experience in providing training in research methodology with teams of researchers
  • Having worked on a paper about COVID-19 is an added value
  • Good knowledge of Rwandan context
  • Assessment, analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Good oral and report writing skills.

5. Expected Output

  • Brief report of first mini-workshop (Max. 2 pages)
  • Brief report after rehearsal session (Max. 2 pages)
  • Good quality papers meeting conditions for being published through EPRN Paper series
  • A final report after the conference highlighting achievements and recommendations for the potential future mentorship assignments under EPRN

6. Duration

The duration of the consultancy shall not exceed 15 working days, spread from September 2020 to March 2021. A mentor will provide a time-sheet indicating how many days and time spent on mentorship and review services.

7. Payment Modalities

30% : After submission of the first mini-workshop report
30% : After rehearsal session report
40% : After the submission of final report

8. Supervision

The mentor will be responsible and report to the EPRN Coordinator throughout this assignment and for all correspondences related to this work to ensure a smooth implementation and coordination. The mentorship will be subject to evaluation by the mentees.

9. Application Process

Interested candidates are requested to submit an application letter, detailed CV and Financial offer (by indicating daily rates including taxes) at EPRN office located at UR-CBE Gikondo (ex SFB) by not later than Friday 21/08/2020, 10AM local time. Applications may also be sent through EPRN P.O. Box : 7375 Kigali-Rwanda until 21/08/2020, 9AM OR emailed to : info@eprnrwanda.org (please send all documents in PDF format and indicate “Application-Research Mentor” in the email subject) by not later than 21/08/2020, 10AM local time.

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Kigali, 06/08/2020

Seth Kwizera

Doc 1