The Economic Policy Research Network held a webinar event on Facebook live. The live event aimed at providing university students interested in research with tips on how to conduct research for their professional and career growth. This is part of EPRN’s mandate ; capacity building of young professionals in the field of research to contribute to the human capital development of Rwanda.

Webinar Highlights

The event was hosted by EPRN student chapter founder, Julia Steinhauer. Julia started the session by welcoming the participants of the webinar and also did a brief introduction about herself. She clearly explained what it is expected from the live event and what the event sought to achieve. Julia stressed the importance of conducting research among students while showing how it will impact on their professional and career development.

The webinar focused on explaining key things to consider when pursuing research and it highlighted steps that one should follow in order to create a conducive environment and attitude towards conducting research. The webinar also explained certain habits one should avoid when conducting research because such habits may lead to poor research results, loss of motivation or even lead to incomplete research.

Webinar Attendance

The event was attended by over 24 participants, 64.7% from Universities in Rwanda, 23.5% were individual researchers and the rest of the participants were fresh graduates from university with interest in pursuing research. The participants asked questions about the presentation made by the host pf the webinar and all of them were answered to satisfaction. Most of the questions asked rotated around how to ideate research ideas and the difference between several types of proposals (business and research and academic proposals).

Conclusion and Key Takeaways.

The host of the webinar concluded the event with providing a basic structure of a research paper with a few tips to consider while conducting research. In addition, the host also gave her key takeaways from the webinar which included :

  • Create your own research-supporting structure in your daily life
  • Develop strategies for efficient literature review
  • Stick to your central theme and research question
  • Find what works for you, find balance !
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