1st EPRN Students Conference

29th November 2017
Venue : University of Rwanda, CBE Gikondo

Theme : The Role of Youth in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Rwanda

In 2015 the UN approved the 2030 Agenda, which contains 17 goals that gov- ern the efforts of countries to achieve a sustainable world by the year 2030.
The so-called Sustain- able Development Goals (SDGs) seek to maintain the achievements of the previous Millennium Devel-
opment Goals, and even go further.

The SDGs present the uniqueness of urging all countries, whether rich, poor or middle-income, to adopt measures in order to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that initiatives to end poverty must go hand in hand with strategies that favor economic growth and address a range of social needs, including education, health, social protection, and employment opportuni- ties. SDGs pay also special attention to fight against cli- mate change and promote environment protection. EPRN recognizes that young people are active drivers of change in local communities, and consid- ers the important role they play in engaging people at the grassroots level and in communicating the Goals to a wider society. The EPRN Students Conference wants to give them the opportunity to disseminate awareness
of the SDGs while engaging them into developing sug- gestions for implementable solutions for a better and fairer society.

Committed with academic research in Rwanda, with this conference EPRN also intends to improve the culture of reading and
writing among students, and promote applied research between them.

About EPRN-Student Chapter

The EPRN - Student Chapter started with the Ideation Day on 4th March 2017, aims
at identifying the brightest minds of young Rwandan with an interest in becoming researchers in the area of economic policy and analysis and support them on their journey to become economic researchers from an early stage.

EPRN – Student Chapter aims at providing university students with the opportunity to grow in their capacities to conduct economic policy research by strengthening
their skills and stimulating their interest in economics, through the provision of a platform for networking and exchange and through the encouragement to conduct own research.

In this regard, EPRN – Student Chapter organizes this conference as an expository
and learning event for them to enrich their research minds. The main objective of the EPRN Student Conference is to create awareness and build capacity among university students while they are still in learning institutions and just before they join the workforce. Interesting and competitive activities will attract their interest which will encourage them to participate.

EPRN student chapters in Rwanda :

Advantages & Membership

Why joining the network ?

1. Networking opportunities with a diverse pool of professionals
2. Internship opportunities (S)
3. Coaching and mentorship (S)
4. Scholarships (S)
5. Participate as presenters and discussants during policy dialogues, conferences and meetings
6. Purchase publications of the organisation at a discounted price (S)
7. Attend professional trainings organized by EPRN at a discounted rate (S)
8. Access to the directory/database of all institutions and individuals
working in the field of economic development in Rwanda (S)
9. Full voting rights
10. Receive “first-alert” online announcements of upcoming events, call for papers, new member benefits, and publication alerts (learn about developing legislation, regulations and decisions that are relevant to the sc ientific interests of economists in Rwanda and abroad) (S)
11. Receive copies of the “EPRN Paper Series” free of charge on request
12. Get updated information on consultancy opportunities and job openings (S)
13. Partnership opportunities (through B2B programs)
14. Received a monthly newsletter through email (S)
15. Use the EPRN online research portal (S)
16. Borrow books from EPRN’s library

  • Services with an (S) are the only open to students

Membership fees :

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