Public lecture about Sustainable Development Policy making with a focus on G20 Policy Issues and Recommendations and the 2030 Agenda.

Friday 13/03/2020, from 11am to 1pm

Course content :

The course addresses Sustainable Development Policymaking with a focus on G20 Policy Issues and Recommendations. It investigates the case for international coordination to address major global challenges, and particularly collaboration in the pursuit of fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) one of the areas prioritized by the G20 Presidencies in 2019 and 2020.

Eight general principles for sustainable policymaking will be introduced and discussed. The G20 agenda on the SDGs and the current G20 presidency in Saudi Arabia will be presented. Furthermore, the Think Tank G20 engagement group T20, which is committed to provide research based policy advice to the G20 will be introduced.

The course will be framed in accordance with the following overarching narrative : Policy is meant to satisfy human needs and purposes. Economic progress may become decoupled from social and environmental progress. The G20 should aim to focus on social progress (the progressive satisfaction of human needs, beginning with the needs of the neediest, within thriving societies) and to recouple economic progress with social progress, within planetary boundaries.

The presentation will be followed by a brainstorming session with Q&A and exchange on the topic by participants to have an improved understanding.

About the lecturer :

Dr. Katharina Lima de Miranda is a researcher at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Research Coordinator of the Global Solutions Initiative) and guest professor at the University of Rwanda and the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her current research focus lies in the application of behavioral economic insights to sustainable social development, whereby she builds on her rich expertise in empirical and experimental economic research. In addition to her research, she is the Research Director of the Council for Global Problem-Solving – a network of renowned think tanks that provides scientific advice to the G20 and associated international organizations.