Friday Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration

Friday, 17th of January 2020 - 08.30 am – 11.00 am @FES Rwanda, KG 13 Ave, House 14, Gasabo district - Remera sector – Kigali

The idea of the “Friday Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration” is to
✓ link economic questions with Social Protection and Good Governance.
✓ inform journalists on different topics related to Regional Integration and Economy.
✓ increase the awareness on international debates.
✓ bring experts together by creating a space to discuss relevant issues and current topics.
✓ create a well-informed network of Rwandan Journalists.

EPRN and FES Rwanda are hosting the “Friday Breakfast” regularly on a monthly basis. Participants from Media Houses who are interested in the topics and have a focus on Economy and Regional Integration are welcomed and invited. During the “Friday Breakfast” a presentation will be given, followed by a moderated Discussion, including questions and answers. The “Friday Breakfast” will not take longer than 90 – 120 minutes, participants are requested to be on time.

Topic for Friday (17/01/2020) : The upcoming Economic Trends in 2020 : What should we expect ?

A new decade has started optimistically. Nevertheless, some economists are sceptical about the worldwide trends and the economic and social perspectives : Is the world economy continuously growing ? Which regions might face challenges ? What would be the role of the USA in the year of the presidential elections ? How African countries will proceed in their strategies of creating a free trade zone on the continent ? Will the European Union become stronger after the Brexit ? How China, India and other actors will identify their role in the upcoming decade ? Is a recession coming in the next 10 years or already in 2020 ? How can economic growth contribute to more social protection and inclusiveness ?

Ms Amina Rwakunda, Chief Economist at the MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMIC PLANNING (MINECOFIN), will give an overview about the upcoming trends of the year. Julius Bizimungu, journalist at “The New Times”, will guide us through the discussion. Interested journalists are invited to participate.

Please confirm (not later than Thursday, 16th of January) your participation : or
At least 50% of the places are reserved for women, please note this in the nomination process.

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