3rd EPRN Students’ Conference & Competition

28th October 2019 @Mount Kenya University
Topic : “Role of youth in Establishing Rwanda as a Globally Competitive Knowledge-based Economy”

1. Background

The scope for evidence-based policy making in Rwanda is constrained by limited capacity in policy analysis and research. The well-qualified researchers and policy analysts in Rwanda are spread too thinly across different institutions. To address this gap, a number of organizations came together to establish the Economic Policy Research Network, aiming at building a community of economic policy practitioners. EPRN aims to build a pool of researchers and policy analysts in Rwanda to contribute to policy research to learn with an aim of poverty reduction. Because EPRN believes in the motivation, creativity and ambition of university students, one of its aims is to empower students to shape their own education.

EPRN places a special focus on the research potentials held by University students who are the nurseries for economic researchers and crucial players in shaping Rwanda’s future. As result EPRN introduced the “EPRN - Student Chapter” that aims at identifying the brightest minds of young academicians with an interest in becoming researchers in the area of economic policy analysis. This will be achieved by encouraging them to conduct own research and later provide them with a platform for networking and exchange.

It is for this reason that “EPRN – Student Chapter” is organizing a third student conference as an exposure and learning event which will call young academicians to expand on “Role of youth in Establishing Rwanda as a Globally Competitive Knowledge-based Economy” on 28th October 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Mount Kenya University Kigali (MKU).

The conference is merged with students’ competitions to test the level of the students about their understanding of Rwanda Economy. The competition is divided into two types :

  • Groups’ debate competition whereby a group debate of three students will compete by responding to motions. The first round of competition will be held at provincial level, and winners from provinces will compete at national level (Kigali) on October 28th, 2019.
  • Individual paper writing competition : students will submit abstracts individually and selected ones will be trained and supervised to write good quality papers around the economic topic. Three selected final full papers will be presented during the conference and awarded. (EPRN will select from its member’ database experts/lecturers to train students in research methodology, mentor them until we have nice papers for presentation)

2. Objectives and purpose of the competition and conference

The main objective of the EPRN Students’ Competition and Conference 2019 is to create awareness on surrounding economic issues and ignite the research spirit among university students.

More specifically :

  • To understand Rwanda’s Development programs (NST1 and Vision 2050)
  • To improve the culture of reading and writing amongst students ;
  • To promote applied research with university students ;
  • To create a forum of exchange among students and learn from best practices across the country ;
  • Strengthening students capacities to actively conduct economic policy research and analysis to inform economic policy making in Rwanda
  • Debate on most economic pressing issues

3. Criteria (for both individual competition and group competition)

  • Participants must be bachelor students or young graduates
  • Contestants must also be active members of EPRN through “EPRN student chapters” in Universities

4. Approach

The Universities will be grouped according to their respective regions (North, South, East, West and the City of Kigali). The winners in each region will meet in Kigali for a competition at National level and attend the Student Conference.
5. Award ceremony and Prizes

The conference is scheduled at Mount Kenya University on October 28th 2019.

AWARDS are as follows (EPRN will give CHEQUES on conference date) :

(a) For paper writing (Individuals) :

  • 2nd run-up : 50,000 Rwf
  • 1st run-up : 100,000 Rwf
  • The Winner : 300,000 Rwf

(b) For groups debate competition

  • 2nd run-up : 100,000 Rwf
  • 1st run-up : 200,000 Rwf
  • The Winner : 500,000 Rwf

All participants to the competition will be given certificates of participation.

Partners and sponsors will be recognized throughout the event (all presentations, mentions at provincial and national levels, banners, logo displays, etc) and given recognition certificates during the conference. Representative of sponsors will be given time to talk about their services and products.

7. Advantages to co-sponsors/partners

What are the key benefits to sponsors ?

  • Logos will be displayed in all events (at provincial level and national levels) through banners, T-shirts, fliers, etc
  • Sponsors will be authorize the display their banners and fliers during the conference
  • In every speech, sponsor name and key services will be mentioned
  • Logos will be displayed in all PPT (presentations ) to be made during conference
  • During the conference at national level, each sponsor will be given 5-10 minutes to explain to students and pother participants about keys services of the institution

Concept Note - 3rd Students’ Conference

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