Friday Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integraton

Friday, 27th of September 2019 - 08.30 am – 11.00 am
Discussant : Mr Teddy Kaberuka, Senior Economic Analyst

The idea of the “Friday /breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration is to
1. Link economic questions with Social Protection and Good Governance.
2. Inform Journalists on different topics related to Regional Integration and Economy.
3. Increase the awareness on international debates.
4. Bring experts together by creating a space to discuss relevant issues and current topics.
5. Create a well-informed network of Rwandan Journalists.

EPRN and FES Rwanda are planning to organize the “Friday /breakfast regularly on a monthly basis. Participants from Media Houses who are interested in the topics and have a focus on Economy and Regional Integration are welcomed and invited. During the “Friday breakfast a presentation will be given, followed by a moderated Discussion, including questions and answers.

The “Friday breakfast will not take longer than 90 – 120 minutes, participants are requested to be on time.

Topic for Friday (27/09/2019) : Digital currency – What’s the future of the African economy with the current trend of cryptocurrency ?
The world is experiencing a higher penetration of technology than ever before. With no doubt, the world is now considered a small village where everyone has become each other’s neighbour through social media and other digital platforms. Africa is becoming more and more connected through regional integration efforts, a rated Africa continental free trade area as well as the commitment to advance the African Union to the
next level.
What is the power of Africa as a content and do the individual countries have the capacities to control digital currencies ?
What are the benefits and probable challenges that African economies will encounter in this unregulated digital dynamism ?