Professional training for new Statistical Analysis Tools (R and Python)

23rd -25th August 2019 (8AM – 5PM) Weekend program
Trainer : Mr. Dominique NTIRUSHWA

Call for application : “Application of new Statistical Analysis Tools (R and Python)”
Course Code : EPRN11/19/20

1. Introduction

R and Python software enables users to perform data analysis by manipulating common data structures such as vectors, matrices and data frames. A good data scientist is a passionate coder-slash-statistician, and there’s no better programming languages for a statistician to learn than R and Python. The standard among statistical programming languages, R is sometimes called the “golden child” of data science and Python is among the most used in new data science applications such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. They are popular among Big Data analysts, and data scientists skilled in R or Python are sought after by the biggest brands. Their commercial applications increase by the minute, and companies appreciate their versatility.

This three-day course is tailored for people who are interested in handling large, complex data sets. R as well as Python are the best language to use for heavy, resource intensive simulations and it can be used on high performance computer clusters and also learn programming language recommended to people who want to enter the Big Data or data science fields.

2. Training Content

The course shall cover the following :

  1. Installation of Python and R environments
  2. Learn how to use console as a calculator and how to assign variables.
  3. Analyzing results using vectors in R and Python
  4. Learn how to work with matrices in R and Python
  5. Learn how to create, subset and compare factors in data analysis.
  6. Learn how to use Python interactively and through a script
  7. Learn to store, access and manipulate data in lists
  8. Learn to work with the NumPy array, a faster and more powerful alternative to the list, and take your first steps in data exploration.

3. Outcomes

After the training, participants are expected to be able to :

  1. Create vectors in R and Python, name them, select elements from them and compare different vectors.
  2. Create matrices and to understand how you can do basic computations with them
  3. Trainees will be able to create a data frame, select interesting parts of a data frame and order a data frame according to certain variables.
  4. Create your first variables and acquaint yourself with Python’s basic data types
  5. Learn how to efficiently work with huge amounts of data.
  6. Facilitate trainee to you to reduce the amount of code needed to solve challenging problems !

4. Training methods

The training course will be run in a workshop style with a high degree of participant involvement. Adult learning methodologies will be employed, and participants will not be passive. Debate and discussion will be encouraged. The trainer will use a mix of presentations to define and explain key concepts and practical exercises using R and Python. The participants are advised to bring their laptops.

5. Certificate

EPRN will issue completion certificates to participants who will successfully attend the course and pass the course test.

Note : At the end of the course, the trainer will deliver a test, and ONLY participants who pass the course with at least 60% will get the certificate. Others will be advised to wait until another training opportunity for the same course (free of charge).

6. Training Fees

  • Members : 20,000 Rwf
  • Non-members : 100,000 Rwf.

NB : These fees cover : training fees, training materials, refreshments (drinks and foods) and certificate fees.

7. Application process

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details :

  • Bank Account : 00040 06945750 07 RWF (Bank of Kigali)
  • Title of the Account : Economic Policy Research Network

Scan the bank slip and send it to : and copy to : OR bring the hard copy of bank slip to EPRN office located at University of Rwanda Headquarters-CBE Gikondo (former SFB).

NB : Applicants are required to bring their laptops.

Kindly register here as we have limited places

If you need further clarifications, call us through : 0788357648 or write to us :