Economic Debates Challengeship 2019

28th June 2019

The Government of Rwanda hails the importance and relevance of early building the capacities of young people as future flag bearers. Currently, Rwandan youth constitutes more than 60% of Rwanda’s entire population. Connected to that, youth especially intellectuals from universities are not only viewed as future business leaders, but as also future economic policy practitioners and beneficiaries of the today’s economical space. In the same vein, they are the cornerstone of the next generation of leaders that will sustain and may be improve on what has been achieved so far by their giants.

In line with the above expectations, EPRN Rwanda in partnership with Aspire Debate Rwanda organized a mini youth policy debate competition that will bring together seven (7) universities in Kigali for a period of one day, 28th June 2019. This forum aims at empowering students to shape their own education as well as embracing motivations, creativity and ambitions of their ideas or contributions and encouraging students to participate in student conference scheduled by the end 2019.

The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) was established in 2008 to contribute and address the existing capacity gaps in economic policy analysis in Rwanda. Despite having a network of more than 1600 members. EPRN has redefined its vision “To become an international leader in economic policy research and analysis” as well as its mission and core values to accurately position the network in its pivotal role of leading economic policy analysis in the country.

Aspire Debate Rwanda (ADR) is a registered non-profit making NGO established in Kigali-Rwanda in 2014, with zeal to promote public speaking through debate education and other forms of public speeches, empowers youth on leadership and communication skills to nurture their critical thinking. The mission of ADR is to prepare youth to be intellectually vibrant, be self-resilient and self-reliant.

ADR aspires to put youth at the center of all national programs through engaging them in advocacy, awareness and implementation of various categories of the proved agendas. And also believes that using debate as an art promotes mutual understanding and informed citizenship around the world which leads to increased critical thinking, analysis and tolerance, enhanced cultural exchange and greater academic excellence. The organization empowers both in school and out of school youth through its three major programs namely, Education, Governance and Leadership, and youth and women empowerment respectively.

It is imperative to train youth earlier to become better open minded, critical thinkers and good economic policy analyst and thus using debate as the best tool to advance analysis we hope for.


  • Encourage students of universities to participate in EPRN student conference scheduled by the end of 2019
  • Strengthening students capacities to actively conduct economic policy research and analysis to inform economic policy making in Rwanda
  • Ensuring active involvement of students in EPRN policy research projects like proposal writing.
  • Debate on most contemporary and economic pressing issues

This debate competition will run under the world school format where each team is represented by three (3) speakers speaking for eight (8) minutes each speaker. All selected university debate teams will have 4 preliminary rounds on day 1 where at the end 4 best teams will qualify for the final series. All qualified team will compete on the knockout basis until the champion is announced.

EPRN Rwanda will do the overall coordination, facilitate the supervision of debates, make early contacts to institutions and liaise with Principals and Guild Presidents in abide to organize debates.

Aspire Debate Rwanda will ensure that, professional judges are available, simulate debate topics, compile adjudication report for debates and other any other professional expertise in relation to debate activities.