Participation to Cross Border Surveys at Bukavu/Rusizi II border

On 7th November 2018, EPRN Rwanda signed a contract with EQUINNOCIO (Spanish Company) related to data collection and data entry for Cross Border Surveys at Bukavu/Rusizi II border. The survey was in line with the project “Baseline surveys for the benefit of the EU-funded regional action “Secure cross border social economic and commercial activities in the Great Lakes region (DEC 039-319)”” and was in four categories : Traffic Survey, Satisfaction Survey, Cost Survey and Time Survey :

Time Survey : Surveyors will record vehicles at four points : A,B (in Democratic Republic of Congo) and C,D (in Rwanda). Surveyors will observe all specific process and time. The recorded time has to show waiting time for all types of vehicles at both border posts. EPRN has also two surveyors at two entrepots located in DRC (Entrepot for petroleum products and Entrepot for other goods/products).

Satisfaction Survey : The Satisfaction Survey will be held amongst users of the border crossing at Rusizi II/Bukavu. Users are all persons that cross the border either way for any category such as transporters, traders, professionals, civil servants, family visit or leisure. EPRN prepared questionnaires in English and French. Data collection will be done at point A (DRC) and D (Rwanda). EPRN prepared signs (printed banners) to indicate the purpose of the survey. EPRN also got facilitation from border authorities to have adequate space for filling in the questionnaires.

Cost Survey : This survey will be held with Economic Operators in both DRC and Rwanda (10 companies in each country) : Freight forwarders, Trucking companies/cargo vehicle, and Customs brokers. EPRN will visit selected companies at their offices and use interviews to collect the data. All official and unofficial costs will be recorded.

Traffic Survey : This survey consists of recording of vehicles and persons crossing the border posts both way. The daily Survey time is from 06:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening on both weekdays and weekends. Commercial vehicles are recorded at A, D (when a vehicle is entering the waiting queue) and BC (when a vehicle enters customs areas). Other vehicles are recorded at B,C only.

Final Report of the surveys will be available soon.